Level 2 – Why?

Another week of learning heaps, obviously with the major focus being on ePs but also coming across heaps of disparate but extremely useful and thought provoking ideas ranging from software hints (OhLife is exactly what I’ve needed for ages to allow me to record all the little thoughts of a day) to philosophies of teaching and learning.

Among (but by no means all) the useful resources of the week for me were Graham Attwell’s video and Sarah Stewart’s blog and eP. I found the clarity of  Graham’s presentation helpful and loved his summary of new vs old learning. Sarah Stewart’s work was quite inspirational and very relevant to me moving out of a very hands-on career to teaching and learning with a strong digital focus and eye to the future. I think I would find a career path like hers fascinating and fulfilling. I may consider contacting her directly in the future if my thoughts continue along the same lines.

The main reasons for me to have a ePortfolio are to record the different areas of my education and work experience. I understand now that I will end up with different portfolios for different experiences and that reflecting on all of them will help my clarity of thought and allow others to appreciate my understanding and motivations.

Although I haven’t quite got to creating a planning document it is slowly forming in my mind and I feel ready to move onto the question of where, which has started to occupy my mind this week.

If it were able to award myself 3/4 of a badge that would be about right.



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