First webinar experience

I was very fortunate to be able to go running straight after the webinar today (thanks Mum and Dad for looking after Nick for a few hours) as it is the only time I really think well. I’ve never participated in a session like it before. Before I lose all my thoughts these were some my reflections about the experience and some ideas I took from it:

At the beginning I didn’t think I would contribute at all but slowly became more involved.

The quick run over the tools was very useful.

Based on the two examples of portfolios, both of which had tremendous merit, I think the more structured Mahara framework might suit me better but I need more information before deciding.

I really like the ability to give people different views.

There are so many people out there doing such great things.

I’m going to suggest to our kinder teacher that she introduce ePortfolios to replace/complement the current Link books.

Are there examples of organisations having ePortfolios? I think it would be great if the kinder had one for parents to look at. We have a website but an ePortfolio could be so much more.

I wish I had had an ePortfolio years ago. I can’t even find the hard copy of my thesis and had to search for my papers on Pubmed when I redid my CV recently. I did retrieve my Uni teaching material but even that was a struggle. I’m going to make sure I don’t do the same with my TAE work and anything I create from now.

I’m going to try to do the unit of competency that covers ePortfolios.

Thanks to all who have made this MOOC possible.

I know I’ve already forgotten some of my thoughts. What I need is mind-reading software that writes down my thoughts while I’m running. Who knows – it may happen one day.


4 thoughts on “First webinar experience

  1. Thanks for the comment Liz.

    Sadly no for the iPhone. When I start earning again it’s high on my list of things I’d like. The problem with dictation is because I’m running I can’t speak very clearly (or sometimes on a big hill not at all). I haven’t ever tried though and I should. It only really came to me as an idea today.

  2. Great Blog post, glad you got a run, makes me feel guilty, a year ago I walked 10km a day, every morning but now I tend to get up and go on computer. I need some motivation again.
    I also wish I had an e-portfolio years ago, I do see the advantage. All those bits and pieces we could of saved. (smiles)
    You are welcome to join my PLN if you like,
    It may help you discover further this new world you are venturing into.

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