Before the learning

I am new to the VET sector. I’m a veterinary surgeon by training and for a few years worked in various private clinics and university clinical positions. The university positions involved some teaching of undergraduates on the clinic floor and in small group tutorials and I realised that I enjoyed that more than the clinical work itself. I moved to a role writing online teaching material for undergraduate vet students which I really enjoyed, although a lack of formal training and support made it challenging at times. After 7 years of maternity leave I’m ready to re-enter the workforce and hope to move into the e-learning area.

My hopes for the course are to form connections with like-minded people and to learn about both e-portfolios, which I suspect will become more and more important in the future, and the MOOC process itself.

My fears are that I won’t have the time to get as much out of it as I would like. I have 3 young children, am studying for Cert IV TAE in a compressed 12 week course which unfortunately falls exactly over the MOOC time, and spend many hours a week jointly running a community kindergarten so time is limited. But I’ll give it a good try.

At this stage I plan to reflect on teaching and learning but that may change as I get into the process.

Success will be having found enough time to get the benefit from the process.


6 thoughts on “Before the learning

  1. Thanks for sharing
    I feel that your jounrney is almost parallel to mine
    geneticist by training but now almost totlly over to education
    My biggest worry this August is also fitting everything in.
    I shouldnt really have taken on the MOOC but it seemed an opportunity too good to miss
    hope to be hearing lots from you

    • Hi Wafa,

      I’m sorry it has taken me a few days to reply. I had an assignment due for my course yesterday and class all day today. I shouldn’t have taken on the MOOC either but felt the same about it – too good an opportunity to miss. We can learn about e-portfolios together.

      I’m interested in you pathway to here. How have you managed your move into education?

  2. I think that juggling is what most educators (also people in the caring professions) do as they take on their various personal and professional roles and wearing different ‘hats within those roles, remember that the information and support will be there as you develop Personal Learning Networks with fellow travellers that you meet along your e-portfolio journey.


    • Thanks for the comment Sandra. I usually manage to get things done eventually even if it takes longer than I hoped. PLNs are something I’m becoming very aware of and am aiming to build. I’m sure this MOOC will be a great experience from many points of view.

      Do you live in Wagga? My family is from there and my mum works for CSU. My husband is doing distance study there so I am quite familiar with it. It’s definitely a small world in some ways.

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